We are a new advocacy group whose aim is to champion progressive social and economic projects and policies for an inclusive and sustainable Rotorua.

We hope to bring people together, to act as a focal point and as a connector for stakeholders who are involved in projects and plans that are designed to better Rotorua. We want to help showcase
policies and ideas that will improve our town, and to facilitate engagement and discussion on the future of Rotorua.

We will work with individuals, voluntary and professional groups, to address social and economic issues of importance to the future of Rotorua.

What will Evolve Rotorua be working on?

There are a range of projects that we’re initially interested in
supporting, and we’re always open to hearing more ideas about plans that will help Shape Rotorua’s Future. 

For example, we are looking at how best we can support initiatives like: the lakefront development; the creation of a sports hub in Rotorua; the work being done on sustainable food hubs such as through Kai Rotorua; efforts to address the housing needs of our community including unaffordability and homelessness; the use of our forests and Redwoods and supporting sustainable local use of the natural resources on our doorstep; promoting Rotorua as a technology hub; amongst other ideas.


Rotorua Youth Village

The creation of the Rotorua Youth Village is an incredible project that is being worked on by Te Waiariki Purea Trust, Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust, Youth Projects Trust and the Rotorua Lakes Council.
The proposal would see the site of the Youth Centre on Te Ngae Road developed into a Youth Village that would bring together a full range of youth-focused services, amenities and events into one location. It would create a vibrant space for youth to connect, learn, create, socialise and play.

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Rotorua Museum

The Rotorua Museum has seen a rich history since its opening in 1908. Once a bath house providing therapeutic treatments to visitors from all reaches of the globe, then in more recent times, a museum showcasing the town’s treasured taonga and history.

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Lakefront Development

The beautiful Rotorua lakefront needs redevelopment and revitalisation and Evolve Rotorua is pleased that the local Council has been able to secure significant investment in this project from central government via a $20 million grant from the Provincial Growth Fund....

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Housing policies

Recently Rotorua achieved a world-first by becoming the location for the first indigenous-led program addressing chronic homelessness, with the opening of the Rotorua branch of the Housing First program. This is just one...

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Food Hub

The organisation Kai Rotorua is leading an initiative to establish a Food Hub in Rotorua. The proposal is that a Living Building is built as a focal point for promoting and educating people around food sustainability and indigenous food providence. It would also house...

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Digital and Tech Hub

May is Tech Week in Rotorua and Evolve Rotorua is proud to support and promote the range of activities taking place as part of this initiative. Tech Week is a time to highlight and showcase the wealth of activity happening in Rotorua in the digital and tech sphere....

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Rotorua Mural Symposium

Public art is critical to a successful city. It reinforces culture, has tangible effects on wellbeing and is a measure of a successful city. The Rotorua Mural Symposium takes eight carefully selected artists all of whom have a week to produce a mural measuring 5m wide...

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Looking to the future

We support building stronger communities, holistically, ensuring
inclusivity across the board, in order to make Rotorua better.

We believe that in order to contribute to Shaping Rotorua’s Future
we need to develop and support positive progressive plans and
policies that take into account the needs of all of our community




Become a member of our motivated group.


Do you have a project, idea or an item of policy we could support? We want to see Rotorua moving forward, and we want to tautoko anything that helps shape this future. If you think your submission is something we can add weight to, please fill in the form and we will be in touch: