The creation of the Rotorua Youth Village is an incredible project that is being worked on by Te Waiariki Purea Trust, Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust, Youth Projects Trust and the Rotorua Lakes Council.

The proposal would see the site of the Youth Centre on Te Ngae Road developed into a Youth Village that would bring together a full range of youth-focused services, amenities and events into one location. It would create a vibrant space for youth to connect, learn, create, socialise and play.

Youth service providers would co-locate within the village providing easy access to a wide range of services within a welcoming modern facility.

The proposal is for a 5 stage development with completion of Stage 1 in 2023. The village would include a wide range of specialist services such as health, youth support, training, educational and government services. With facilities being a range of multi-use spaces for meetings, events and teaching, along with dedicated studio space, office areas, a primary health care facility a cafe and a range of art and sports facilities.

Making sure our youth have access to world-class facilities and services is vital for their futures and the prosperity of our communities and whanau. The Rotorua Youth Village is a fantastic project that will help this happen and we want to see it happen.

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